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1   Link   Kaufman Children's Center (MI)
The Kaufman Children’s Center For Speech, Language, Sensory-Motor, and Social Connections, Inc. provides specialized speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy and sensory integration services.
2   Link   Language & Early Literacy Activities
Free reproducible language and early literacy activities in English and Spanish /46 Home/Community Activities Supporting Early Literacy in Natural Environments /Activities for Caregivers and Young Children in English and Spanish
3   Link   Usborne Children's Books
Usborne Books at Home markets the entire Usborne line of over 1,300 titles through direct sales, home shows, book fairs, fund raisers, grants, school library sales. Contact Emily for specific titles to help with speech & occupational therapy goals.
4   Link   Super Duper, Inc.
We love making creative, colorful educational materials that you and your children will love. Especially helpful for speech & language training. Check out their Handy Handouts Link for tons of 2 page information pages.
5   Link   Talk Tools
Building the foundation for Standard Speech Clarity and Feeding
Skills through innovative Muscle-Based Therapy Techniques.