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Church Disability Ministry Training
These workshops train church personnel how to fully include those of all abilities in worship, service, and fellowship.
0 18
Family Support & Education Groups
(FamilyShare) This multi-disability support group gives parents access to mentors as well as
0 91
IDEA Workshops
IDEA Workshops teach families the rights of their children in the special education system under IDEA.
0 118
LifeLine Board Activities
These activities and events are for LifeLine Board members/staff only.
0 21
LifeLine Fundraiser
These events are created to raise funds to support the programs of LifeLine, Inc.
0 7
LifeLine in the Community
This group of events are those in which LifeLine families are active in the community.
0 80
LifeLine Skill Builder Series
A Series of one hour workshops designed to build skills beyond the information learned in LifeLine's CARE evening workshops series
0 9
LifeLine, Inc. Ministry Presentation
These presentations are scheduled to share the ministry with a local church in hopes of their congregations ongoing support of the ministry and programs of LifeLine, Inc.
0 9
Miscellaneous Training Workshops
These workshops are geared for a particular diagnosis or for specific topics (special needs trust, etc.)
0 46
Parent Mentor Training
Parent Mentor Training through LifeLine's ParentLink program or Vanderbilt's Volunteer Advocacy Project hosted by LifeLine
0 19
Parents Night Out
PNO is a parent and volunteer co-op that provides respite to families of children with special needs.
0 8
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