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Jonathan Calloway ‚Äď Jonathan holds a degree in Bible with experience in both ¬†MAC and Windows/PC‚Äôs, as well as Windows, Linux and Novell servers. He worked for several years for InfoSystems, the contract company serving Tennessee Temple University. He now works for Mohawk Industries, in their IT department. He created the original Hamilton Baptist Church website and developed a LifeLine page there. Jonathan has now built two stand-alone websites for LifeLine. Jonathan created our first brochure when LifeLine began and has continued to support us through PowerPoint Presentations, Brochures, Bulletin covers for LifeLine Sunday celebrations, and was instrumental in developing LifeLine‚Äôs Computer Clinic. Jonathan has ambliopia, myopia, and astigmatism, and has had periodic vision issues over the years. Though not an impediment to his daily activities, it has prevented him from making some career choices he would have preferred. He has a budding interest in computer based assistive technology, especially in the area of visual impairment. Jonathan and his wife Emily have¬†two children, Carey and Cami. Jonathan has been a Board Member since August 2006.¬†


Emily Calloway - Even before becoming a board member, Emily has been a major contributor to LifeLine through her childcare provision.  She has coordinated and provided childcare for many LifeLine activities, including many of the early LifeLine board meetings. She has provided many hours of childcare for the Mattheiss family to enable them to serve families they could not have otherwise served. In the past, she has also provided childcare in her home for children with special needs when LifeLine families could not find a daycare willing to care for their child. Emily has coordinated LifeLine's Meals on Wheels Program for 4 years.   Many families and LifeLine itself benefits from Emily's organizational abilities and gift for hospitality.  Emily has been a Board Member since January 2009, and was elected Vice Chair/Secretary in November 2009.



Becky Cunningham - Becky became part of LifeLine's Board in 2007.  She was serving as Secretary when she was elected Board Chair in November 2009.


Javier Jordan ‚Äď Javier has spent¬†two years in the Navy and then switched to the Air Force Reserve as flight medic. He has also served as a paramedic with various local hospitals and ambulance services for more than 14 years. He also has a degree in information technology, has done some medical equipment marketing and has¬†many years of medical education experience. Javier is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish.


Crystal Jordan  - Crystal has been a hair stylist for almost 8 years. As she works, she can regularly be heard sharing her faith with patrons after they see her daughter’s picture on the mirror. Crystal and Javier have a 4 year old daughter with spina bifida. Crystal also has a 14 year old daughter, Kalyn, who has ADD. Crystal herself has ADD and has fought depression through the years. She is an incredible testimony to the grace of God and brings an enthusiasm for LifeLine like no one else. She has been a consistent volunteer for LifeLine and brought us many families who have needed help. Her desire is to leave the salon and work full time for LifeLine as soon as funding is available.  Her personal goal is to provide support for families and let them know that a diagnosis is not a death sentence. They have been Board Members since August 2006.


Angel Lumpkin ‚Äď Angel was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her parents were told to put her in an institution, that she would never be able to do much. Her parents did not listen. In the years before laws were as disability friendly as they are today, Angel was given every opportunity her parents could find. She graduated from high school and then went to college. She graduated with a degree in non-profit management. She is married to her husband John and they have a 5 year old daughter, Lacy. Angel brings the experience of living with a disability since birth as well as her non-profit experience and education. She also brings a unique perspective as a spouse and parent with a disability. Angel has been a Board Member since March 2007.

Jeff Mattheiss ‚Äď Jeff served 22 years in the Army National Guard before retiring due to Emily‚Äôs medical situation. He has held multiple civilian jobs in the bulk mailing business over the years, but is beginning his 10th year of service to Hamilton County Government. He currently works for the County Clerk as Deputy Clerk.¬† ¬†He has been part of LifeLine's Board since he and Lisa founded it in 2003.¬†


Greg & Deanna Stott - Greg and Dee were one of the first four families that began LifeLine with the Mattheiss family almost seven years ago.  While they have always been behind the scenes as Parent Mentors, they are now taking a more active role.  Greg and Dee’s son, Cameron, now 9, was born with Down syndrome and has also experienced leukemia.  Despite his early health crisis, Cameron has excelled!  Greg and Dee have been untiring advocates for Cameron, both medically and educationally.  Greg and Dee also have twin boys, Carson and Colby, who are almost three years old. 
Greg, a McKee Foods employee for many years, brings experience from other boards and councils as well as his experience advocating for Cameron.

Deanna Stott - Dee brings her marketing experience to share with LifeLine.  She has worked with several local radio and TV stations as well as at the Times Free Press. Dee works for North Georgia Home Health as a trainer.   They have served as Board Members since January 2010.

Mary Scruggs - Mary first came to LifeLine’s Parents Night Out about four years ago as a single foster mom to four boys, ages 3-7, all with an ADD/ADHD or autism spectrum diagnosis.  She needed a break!  What she found was a support system.  She had now committed to become a part of providing that support to others.  Now retired, Mary works part time at a day care and spends her spare time tutoring children with learning disabilities who need a little extra help to succeed.    Mary brings her experience, not only as a foster mom, but as a retired foster care case manager.  Her desire is to share the information and resources of LifeLine with families fostering and adopting kids with special needs.  Mary has begun her own non-profit organization serving teen mothers.  Mary has been a Board Member since January 2010.

Each of LifeLine's Board and Staff is actively involved in their local churches, advocating for inclusion of families with special needs there as well. 









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