ParentLink Parent Mentor Certification

Written by Lisa Mattheiss
Saturday, 16 January 2010 00:12

ParentLink Parent Mentor Certification consists of a minimum of 30 hours of workshop training on special education topics provided by STEP, LifeLine, and Vanderbilt’s Volunteer Advocacy Project. Parents must complete the required workshop topics, then can choose to concentrate the remainder of their training on topics related to younger children or transition age youth. Once parents have completed the workshop portion of the training, they will attend IEPs and one-on-one meetings with parents alongside a trained mentor until they are  prepared to mentor another family through the process. Join ParentLink's growing number of mentors who are learning to advocate for their own child while preparing to help other families. For those parents want to Be a Parent Mentor but find the expense of mileage or childcare prohibitive-please ask us about stipends for mileage or childcare generously provided by a grant from Tennessee Disability Coalition! (NOTE: While workshops are geared specifically for parents, professionals regularly find them helpful and are welcome to achieve certification as well!)


The workshops listed below are those that LifeLine offers for ParentLink Parent Mentor Certification. The initial four workshops listed are required and others are chosen, based on personal interest, and attended, to total the required 30 hours of training for certification. The majority of workshops are 3 hours long though there are those ranging from 2-3 hours in length.


Special Education Basic Rights under IDEA (Required)  

The Role of Parent Mentors (Required) 

IEP Development (Required) 

504 (Required) 

Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Adulthood 

Inclusion & Least Restrictive Environment  

Assessments & Evaluations





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