Parents Night Out

Written by Lisa Mattheiss
Friday, 15 January 2010 23:13

Parents Night Out was the first LifeLine event almost seven years ago.  PNO was a respite event created as a parental co-op.  Volunteers helped provide care as well.  Because of our recent location change, we no longer have the facilities to provide childcare as we once did.  PNO was begun in a local church and is more suited as a local church outreach and ministry.  While LifeLine continues to be ministry minded, our facility change to primarily an office setting does not lend itself to the respite events as we used to provide them. 

As we look at helping local churches expand their outreach, our goal is to partner with like minded congregations with a passion for stabilizing and nurturing families affected by special needs.  Please contact us if your congregation is interested in finding out how to reach out to families using this powerful tool.  If you are interested in beginning a respite event, please contact us.  We'd love to share our six years of experience to help you get started.