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Written by The LifeLine Team
Saturday, 28 April 2007 14:50

We have called the ministry LifeLine. Its goal is to meet the unique needs of families of those with special needs. When someone is drowning, a life preserver is extended. Our hope is to extend a similar lifeline to families struggling to be caregivers.  The life preservers and lifelines in our logo come together to form a flower, a symbol of thriving life.  LifeLine's purpose is to help caregivers thrive, not just survive.  It is also our hope to show forth Jesus, the only giver of eternal life.


Our Purpose


LifeLine’s three basic purposes are to provide support, information, and respite care to families who have a member living with a chronic or temporary medical or educational, physical or mental disability. Currently, LifeLine is mostly aimed at families with children with special needs, but our ultimate goal is to reach families of those with disabilities across the lifespan, whether the disabilities be related to birth or acquired later in life.  We are slowly expanding to that end.


Our Location

LifeLine is located at 1609 McCallie Avenue in downtown Chattanooga.  Our Community Parent Resource Center (CARE) is located there, and many of our activities and training sessions take place there.  For more information about LifeLine or its projects, call Lisa Mattheiss, Executive Director at (423) 645-0504 or Virginia Piper, CARE Project Director (423)-991-4525.  The office number is (423)-622-4007 and LifeLine's fax number is (423)-622-4074.



LifeLine realizes that families who have a member with special needs sometimes feel isolated and misunderstood. Support from a source that truly comprehends their struggles is invaluable.


·     FamilyShare frequent support groups meet that include all types of disabilities and diagnoses.

·     Hospital Survival Kit Project Kits are assembled with necessary items for families who suddenly find themselves in the hospital with a loved one. Everything from toothbrushes to shampoo, etc. is included.

·     Newsletter & LifeLineOnline helps to keep members updated on LifeLine events and community activities from which they may benefit. An e-mail listserv and bimonthly newsletter are alternate ways of staying informed about LifeLine and community events and breaking news affecting the disability community.

·     ParentLink is our Caregiver Mentoring Program.  Families are linked to others with more experience to support through difficult days.  Families who are comfortable in their role as caregivers have the opportunity to become mentors to others. 




It is exceptionally helpful to have clear and precise information about medical conditions. LifeLine seeks to provide a network of contacts and resources to those searching for answers and help.

·     Through the CARE (Chattanooga Area Resource & Education) Center, S.T.E.P. (Support and Training for Exceptional Parents) workshops and other informational classes are offered.

·     Training is also offered in the following areas: Finances, record keeping, long-term care planning, legal issues, special educational rights under IDEA, and therapeutic options as well as workshops on specific diagnoses.

·     Referrals to local organizations

·     LifeLine Resource Center  - The Resource Center contains many valuable printed materials and opportunities intended to promote awareness of various programs and services available to the families of those with special needs.



Everyone needs some time apart from the stresses of life. LifeLine provides opportunities for caregivers to receive a small retreat from the rigors and struggles of their life.


·     Girls Night Out

·     Guys Night Out

·     Lunch with the Girls

·     Family Activities - The annual Christmas Banquet is our biggest event of the year.  







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